The Biggest Secret In Sports For The Past 100 Years!

Timing is the biggest breakthrough in sport for the past 100 years. It will revolutionize the way all
sports are practiced and performed using this new mind training system.What is timing?Timing can be defined as being at the right place and at the right time. Business and society gives great examples of having good timing in all aspects of life.Athletes only need to understand the following example for them to comprehend how this timing synchronization works between the mind and body.I get comments during seminars from athletes that tell me they can’t believe how simple and easy-to-learn my system is. It’s almost like they’re telling me that it’s too simple or easy.Then I tell those athletes, that if it bothers them, I can make it as complicated as they want, if this will make them feel any better.Up to now… nobody wants it more complicated!Athletes need simple language…practical information they can use NOW in their sport. You have to take advantage of every resource that you can in your sport because you never know when time will run out for athletes.Imagine and picture the following:A computer monitor and a key board in your mind.From this computer, picture a cable going to the printer that is located in your chest area. Now imagine there is one little person in each arm and leg, that comes to the printer eagerly waiting for instructions to be printed out… for them to follow the instructions.When your natural timing or mind and body communication is working and ON, then you won’t experience any problems in your sport.But when the Timing is OFF… and there is a so-called electrical short in the cable going from the computer to the printer, this short will prevent some of even all of the information from the mind not to be printed.One of two actions will happen because of this electrical short:#1 – The little people that come to the printer for instructions won’t have enough information for them to execute a physical movement, technique or performance.#2 – They will either freeze up and won’t do anything…or they’ll elect one of them to go and see the computer or mind, to try to find out what it wants them to do on the physical level. Either way if they hesitate or freeze up they won’t be able to have good timing because of the so-called electrical short.See, it doesn’t matter if you’ve trained and practiced your movements and techniques for 5 million times…when your timing is OFF, then your movements and techniques will be OFF also.When you’ve missed an easy shot…movement…or technique, your timing is OFF.The day when everything works out well for you, then your natural timing is ON and it’s like you can’t do anything wrong even though you’d want to!Timing training is the most important component of the “Mr. Fix-It For Sport” system because it’s the ultimate mental thermostat or cruise control that coordinates everything from the mind and body into one unit.The reason that athletes don’t know anything about timing is because nobody (until now with Mr. Fix-It…) has ever been able to explain the what…when…where…why…and how it works to enable any athlete to finally take full control of their mind and body.The reason I’m an expert at Timing training is because I spent over 16 long years of my life in the research and development on the subject. I didn’t just train a movement or technique of millions of times HOPING that I would experience or have good timing.I tried thousands of experiments…different scenarios…all possibilities…angles…going through theories (proving them right or wrong). All of this done on your behalf so you don’t have to go through all the frustrations and problems that I went through.Did you know that any athlete can improve their basic Timing by 50%-65% within just a few minutes? Also it can be improve at higher percentages with a few hours of training!I developed this system for my own selfish reasons…I wanted to solve my own problems in karate and I didn’t want anybody else to know or find out anything about my discoveries.Only after my own karate schools broke all national records… and by the increasing pressure from other sports did I divulge my system.I knew it worked for karate… but I wasn’t sure if it would work for other sports. I took the same basics and customized it to other sports and they started to experience the same drastic improvements that we had accomplished in karate.Remember… I’ve been there in your shoes experiencing…and went through what you’re
going through in your sport…I turned from being selfish, to an outlook of wanting to help any and all athletes to eliminate all their problems…frustrations…and concerns while finally allowing them the freedom and the joy of having the most perfect performance in their favorite sport.It’s like a recipe in baking a cake… you just have to follow the instructions and add the ingredients and follow the instructions and you’ll bake the perfect cake. It doesn’t matter if you bake one cake or 1,000…if you follow the recipe, then you won’t have any problems.Simple right…Yes it’s that simple… when you’re given a system like “Mr. Fix-It For Sports”.Why is Timing so important?Let me give the following example which will show you how this timing coordination and communication works.If you have a heat and air conditioning thermostat in your home, then if you want more heat in the winter, you just have to go to the thermostat and regulate the heat to the comfort level that you want.Same as in the summer, if you want air conditioning to a comfortable level, then you just go to the thermostat and regulate it accordingly.Athletes have a so-called mental thermostat or cruise control but they don’t know the location…what it does…when they should use it…why it works…and how to regulate it for their sport’s performance.See…all athletes have the tools of timing within them but the big problem comes in when things starts to break down in practice or in competition… they don’t know how to use this timing tool which will get them back on the winning track…if they only knew about it… and how to regulate it for their sport.99% Of Athletes Don’t Know Anything About TimingNatural athletes have great timing and it will breakdown… the day it does breakdown is when the problems…frustrations…and concerns make themselves known in the worst way.This is the point where athletes will seek out the top coaches and gurus, to help them get back on track. I know what you’re going through because I went through the same thing for karate.It’s not a nice place to be or experience…period!The top coaches and gurus don’t have a clue of how to fix these timing problems because they haven’t been exposed to given instructions in these areas.So the only thing they know how to do is to advise you to train harder and get into tip top shape.Let me ask you a question: If you’re doing something wrong in your sport… do you honestly think that by doing the same things wrong while getting in better shape, will solve the problem?Don’t get me wrong I don’t have anything against these gurus but if they don’t know how to fix something, they should be honest with the athletes and forget about hurting their precious egos; be honest with athletes that they just don’t know.Instead of wasting the athlete’s time…energy… and money.Practicing 1 Million Times Won’t Fix Timing ProblemsThink about the following example…and see if this makes any sense.When an athlete or team has a bad performance, the athletes (feel bad enough and really don’t know a lot of the time, what they did wrong… or how to fix the performance problems… and they get down on themselves or experience a slump)…What the coach does in the very next practice, is to work the living crap out of them for punishment… and thinking that it will solve the performance problems.How’s that for psychology?Step #1 – Player or team has a bad performanceStep #2 – They feel bad about it but don’t know what went wrong or how to fix it.Step #3 – The coach doesn’t know either how to fix the problems but feel compelled to do something…but he’s not sure what.Step #4 – Next practice the coach gives the athlete or team a punishing practice without telling or being able to show them what the problems were and how to fix them.The above is a vicious cycle that a lot of sports have and will continue to use because of lack of knowledge of how to fix problems…concerns…and frustrations that the Mr. Fix-It For Sport’s system can solve once and for all.Have you ever heard or experienced the following list the comments:- We were off in the game or performance…- They got the jump on us…- Couldn’t seem to catch up…- Just didn’t have it together…- Timing was off…We never really got back into the game…
….and the list goes on and on.In the above list of comments is because their timing is OFF.Get the Timing ON again and you won’t have those problems… and a lot of other problems that stem from not having good timing.Now you might be thinking this sounds like it could be complicated… Well it’s very simple technique and process to implement in any sport.Take the example of a remote control car starter.You don’t have to understand the whole electronics of how it works to be able to start your car. The only thing that is important to me is when I press the little button usually located on your key chain, it makes the car start.That is it…I am happy…aren’t you when you use yours?In Timing training I show you the What…When…Why…Where…and How to use your own so-called car starter while using timing. I will take you by the hand…through a simple process…and show you step-by-step how timing works for all athletes in any sport…guaranteed!You’ll also be able to pinpoint and diagnose your own timing problems and be able to correct them not in 6 months or years but in a few minutes to a couple of hour straining with my system.You will have the ability to show others how to do this or just keep the knowledge for yourself… giving you the ultimate advantage over your competition and other athletes.Now you can practice and train less…use less energy…have a better performance while eliminating the Stress…Frustrations out of your sport for good.

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